Sunday, 17 April 2016

WAS Piedmontese: IR Rehbinder

This was a two battalion German regiment in Piedmontese service in the WAS. I am just fielding the first battalion in my mini-army of 9 battalions (7 of which are now finished). I love the baroque flags.

The figures are mostly Crusader from their Russian range although the grenadiers are Austrians. The officer and drummer are Copplestone castings from the Russian Foundry range. Using Russians as Piedmontese works well except for the sabre but that is a small issue.

Who are they going to fight? I have not decided for sure but I think probably the Spanish will be a worthy opponent.


  1. Very spiffy! Troops in similar uniforms from Modena also might be tempting at some point.

    Best Regards,


  2. Yes Stokes, I agree. Either Genoa or Modena might supply a brigade to Gallispan service.