Monday, 11 April 2016

IR44 Jungkenn Müntzer Fusiliers

Crusader 28mm Fusiliers (but one Foundry officer lurking in the second battalion) parading in Wesel.

According to Kronoskaf  "In 1756, the regiment continued to assume garrison duties in Wesel. In March 1757, when the French started the invasion of Hanover, the regiment evacuated Wesel and joined the Allied army under the command of the Duke of Cumberland at Bielefeld. It took part in minor actions where it suffered some 200 casualties. It later retreated to Magdeburg, loosing more than 200 men to desertion."

From my Savory I recall reading that Wesel had a garrison of 6 battalions but they were never specified. So here is a regiment that you can field with the Allied army. Fusiliers are under-represented in most SYW Prussian armies and I'm not sure why - their hats are very cool!


  1. You could probably infer which regiments they were from looking up the fusilier regiments in the Duffy book, which lists where the regiment was stationed before the war.