Monday 14 December 2015

Austrian Artillery Park

The last time I painted Austrian artillery was back in September 2012 so here is the final 7 batteries to complete the park.
Battery one is four 3pdrs for the Advance Guard - the guns are from Front Rank.

All the remaining guns are from Fife & Drum and they are beautiful castings - flash free, crisp and easy to assemble. A great price too so well worth the buy.

Battery 2 and 3 are each 4 howitzers. (My scale is one gun model and two crew = two guns)
Battery 4,5, and 6 are each 6 x 6pdrs
Battery 7 is 10 x 12pdrs.

Batteries were often 6 guns but not always so. In OOBs of the period you can see sometimes batteries of 10 and 12 guns.

That concludes the Austrian army except for one tiny mishap. I appear to have painted Hussar regiment Hadik twice so later on next year I will have to resolve this problem.

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