Sunday 16 November 2014

Württemberg Infantry Regiment Prince Louis

Here is the two battalion regiment with it's grenadiers - the latter will be detached to be converged with the grenadiers of another regiment.

When the Leibregiment was subdivided in 1744, its second battalion became the Infanterieregiment Prinz Louis. This new regiment remained in the service of the Holy Roman Empire, as part of the troops of the Swabian District, until 1748. In 1752, the second battalion of this regiment was used to establish another regiment Infanterieregiment von Spitznas. The regiment was organized in 2 battalions with 5 musketeer and 1 grenadier companies per battalion. Each company counted some 100 men for a total book strength of 1,219 men including staff. Furthermore, each battalion had a 3-pdrs gun.

Throughout the Seven Years' War, the regimental inhaber was Prince Louis Eugen von Württemberg.

I have a problem with some of the details in Kronoskaf concerning button colour. Next week I will be painting Infanterieregiment von Spitznas and you will see that it has the same colouration. This regiment had white tricorne lace and Spitznas had yellow. Kronoskaf says that this regiment had white buttons despite the mitre plate being brass, the officers having gold lace and an image (much later, admittedly) that shows yellow buttons. I believe that Prince Louis regiment had yellow buttons and have painted accordingly. I believe that Spitznas had yellow buttons as well so that the main uniform difference was in the tricorne lace.


  1. Splendid, most impressive paint job!

  2. I like history added to very nice pictures of great figures

  3. Another fine unit to your collection. Superbly done