Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Anhalt-Zerbst Cuirassiers

Here we go with nine Austrian SYW cavalry regiments. This is the Anhalt-Zerbst Cuirassiers, a regiment raised back in 1682. I've painted 5 squadrons of 4 figures plus an extra carabinier company (a strong company of 3 figures) that I don't show in the pictures. As I will do 4 regiments of Cuirassiers the 12 figures of carabiniers will be combined in an elite reserve unit. In practical terms there is no real difference between cuirassiers and carabiniers and, indeed, as far as I know, no manufacturer makes the distinction either.

The figures are all Crusader and I like them as they have a quiet menace about them.


  1. I think that the Carabiniers did not wear a cuirasse. (?)

  2. No Bill, Carabiniers wore Cuirasse: they had a carbine and carried a sabre instead of a sword. Anyway Anhalt-Zerbst is for some unknown reasons one of my favorite Austrian Cuirassiers regiments. Great job as ever.

  3. Wonderful regiment and again a great painting job. I am fascinated by your output and the high quality!!