Saturday 18 July 2015

Start of the new terrain

Just to let you know that I'm going off on my holiday soon so there will be very few posts in August.
And, just to show you how 'French' I have become, I am taking the whole month off. Actually, the French, bless them, are beginning to work in August and it is becoming increasingly rare to find a business that closes for the whole month.

We have been tiring of the terrain as well. Countless photographs of boring green and the same backdrop! So here is the first of the 4' x 2' new tiles and there will be a total of nine by the time I have finished. Not only are the woods all moveable but that backdrop can also be moved to any part as well. When I return I will bring some new titbits - teddy-bear fur, new trees and possibly a new backdrop. Oh, and new buildings.

So meanwhile, see three squadrons of the 40mm SYW Prussian Hussars Regiment 6 - the Fleischhackers. There will be one more post in a few days time.

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