Thursday 30 July 2015

Russian Napoleonic Army for sale

I'm here in France and doing some rationalization.
I've decided to sell my Russian Napoleonic army. For pictures, go to the LABELS on the right hand side and click on Napoleonics. There you will see pictures of what I have. I'm looking for these (if possible) to go to a single buyer.

2 battalions of the 9th Jaegers (each battalion 32 figures)
2 battalions of Tchernigov (each 32)
2 battalions of Kaporski (each 32)
2 battalions of Narva (each 32)
2 battalions of Revel (each 32)
Total 10 battalions of 32 = 320 figures
They are mostly plastics, a mix of Perry and Warlord Games.

I want $5 each so 320 x $5 = $1600
I will throw in free of charge -
1) Free postage anywhere in the world
2) 4 painted and based Generals (Front Rank)
3) One mounted officer half-painted. (Front Rank)

There is no artillery or cavalry but I'm happy to do this for you. Prices are found on

I also have the figures for two more battalions (which were planned to be another 2 Jaeger battalions). I will send these to you free of charge if you wish or you can commision me to paint them.

If you are interested, please reply via
If they are to be posted, I need to pack them within the next two weeks.

You can write to me in Russian or Ukrainian, no problem!

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