Saturday, 28 December 2013

SYW French: Volontaires du Hainaut

Back in the 1740s this unit was the Arquebesiers du Grassin, made famous by their solid performance at the battle of Fontenoy (see my post in June 2011 when I painted them). Skip forwards a few years and, after the usual amalgamations and disbandings, this was their new uniform. The blue coat and black facings remains but the exotic fur lining and hats have gone to be replaced with this more sober dress topped by a helmet a la Schomberg. These were worn by the dragoon element of the legion whilst the fusiliers wore the tricorne. They even kept the old Arquebesiers flag.

That's the last post of the year. I wish you all a happy New Year and see you on the other side of the festivities.

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  1. Very cool! There are some very interesting uniforms for this period. Best, Dean