Friday, 20 December 2013

SYW French: Volontaires du Dauphiné

The French army had a large number of 'legions' raised for the 'little war'. Most chopped and changed their names from the WAS through the SYW and it's not easy following their course but most combined foot and cavalry units.

Here I'm showing the Volontaires du Dauphiné, which started its existance in 1749 and lasted until 1762 when it was merged with another unit. Here, for example, is its composition in 1759: the unit totalled 1,006 men (including staff) and consisted of
-a staff of 5 officers and 2 men
-1 grenadier company (3 officers and 60 grenadiers)
-8 fusilier companies (each of 3 officers and 70 fusiliers)
-8 dragoon companies (each of 4 officers and 40 fusiliers)

The facing colour is ventre de biche, a pale brown or chamois. Figures are by Front Rank. Over the next few days I'll finish three more similar legions.