Friday 18 October 2013

SYW Saxony: IR Prinz Friedrich August

Another colourful Saxon regiment, this time Prinz Friedrich August - the same figures from Eureka and the same regimenatl composition as the last one Xaver. Yellow facings on a white coat is very rare in this period (I think the only other 'state' to use this colour combination was Lorraine) and this is rarer still as it has yellow buttons as well. So the drummer's coat was a challenge - a yellow coat with yellow lace. There is another Saxon regiment with yellow facings (Lubomirsky) but it had white buttons. With yellow flags as well this is certainly a vision in yellow. I've used Army Painter again to dampen down the impact of yellow on white but even so it is a startling combination.


  1. Great paintwork with the white and yellow colors!

  2. Lovely regiment, also the the one in the previous post is super too !

    Saxony is my favourite, and my Wittenberg imagi-nation forces are broadly in uniforms pre-Pirna.

    -- Allan

  3. Really nice work. You're doing some solid figures justice.


  4. You are really a Master! I adore, how you choose the regiments by their colour combination and paint so realistic. Every time I visit your blog, it´s a joy.