Monday, 21 October 2013

Tchernigov 2nd Battalion

Here is the second battalion of IR Tchernigov - well it is the 3rd battalion actually but the second of what was fielded - I hope you know what I mean! That now completes eight battalions of musketeers and I've just got the Jaeger Brigade to do. I have not decided for sure on how I intend to paint the Jaegers but I'll probably give them their winter green trousers only because that makes them instantly recogniseable on the war games table.

When I have a minute I'll take pictures of each of the completed brigades. Figures are Perry plastics.

So there is progress, I hope you will agree, on this Napoleonic 1812-14 project.
Phase One is finished - 10 battalions of French (each 36 figures plus 6 skirmishers so the light company is effectively duplicated), a battery of artillery and 4 squadrons of hussars.

Phase Two is in progress. The plan is for 12 battalions of Russians (a division) plus a battery and a couple of squadrons of cossacks/opolochenie. Phase two needs to be finished by the late spring of next year.

Phase Three (some time next year) is to paint another 6 battalions of French to make up two full French Divisions, another battery and 4 squadrons of Chasseurs-a-cheval.

Phase Four will be a Prussian Brigade, more Russian artillery and cavalry and a French Cuirassier brigade. Then a rest!

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