Saturday, 31 August 2013

SYW British Cavalry

The top two pictures show the 'Blues' or the Royal Horse Guards in the SYW. The Marquis of Granby was, of course, their Honorary Colonel which is why he is nearly always painted wearing the unusual blue coat of this regiment, which, incidentally, had precedence over all line cavalry regiments but was not part of the Guard. This sounds like a typically British way of saying they were elite cavalry but not having to pay them the top rate.

The bottom two pictures show another very famous regiment, the 'Greys' or more properly the 2nd Dragoons (Royal North British), originally raised in Scotland. They always rode grey horses and indeed did so through the 18th and 19th centuries.

All figures are by Foundry. Considering how expensive they are to buy it is worth noting that all the horses were covered in a great deal of flash and some of them were the wrong horses too. British horses had their tails docked (cut short) but a number of those included in the packs were undocked. Small details I know but they should know better.


  1. Love the bright colours on these, nice work!


  2. I don't get the concept of bandaged heads in this period, and if you lost your hat you would be facing disciplinary action most likely.

  3. It is really adorable, how colourful the British cavalry was - you bring that in such a amazing style to us - great to see!