Sunday, 25 August 2013

Napoleonic Russian Generals

I'm not keen on the only Perry offering for Russian command, a collection of dismounted officers, who work well for Borodino, but not much else. These generals are from Front Rank and are terrific. The Russians are a fairly new range from them and it shows in the crispness of design and lovely characterisation in the faces with their striking sideburns. Regular readers know that I'm doing one division of 12 battalions (each battalion consists of 32 plastic figures) so it's no small painting project. I've finished the 2nd Brigade and I like to have officers done and ready to take over their commands. As for the dark green (almost black) that should be the colour of their coats, I've lightened it because one tends, on the wargames table, to look at them from a great distance and, more importantly, I don't much like that very dark green!

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