Monday 3 June 2013

40mm Austrian SYW High Command

Back to my own 40mm WAS/SYW armies, here I've done the mounted command base for my Austrian Army. In terms of personalities, I've not been sure who to represent but I have ended up by doing Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg in the uniform of a Feldzeugmeister  or Full General of Infantry. He was, of course, commanding in the disaster that was the Battle of Mollwitz but, had he won, he might not have 'retired' and might well have served in the SYW.

The figures are from Trident and have had to be converted substantially with greenstuff on the cuffs and pistol covers. The issue of turnbacks presented a problem as most of Trident's figures have them and, supposedly, officers in the Austrian army did not. But as it was often more comfortable to ride a horse with one's coat 'turn backed' I have used these figures unconverted.

Neipperg died in 1774, just one day before his 90th birthday.


  1. Great looking command stand, very nice work!!

  2. Beautiful figures - they have an elegance all their own. Best, Dean