Saturday 15 June 2013

40mm SYW Austrian (Hungarian) Haller 2nd BTN

This is the 2nd battalion of the Hungarian Regiment Haller, with flags from the 1740's. The first battalion you saw back in September 2012 and that now completes the 10 battalions of Austrian infantry for 'Phase One' of these WAS/SYW armies.  In August 2011 I posted pictures of 5 squadrons of a dragoon regiment - Sachsen-Gotha - and I have now bought more figures to add to the cavalry. One more regular squadron to add to this regiment plus a squadron of Horse Grenadiers as well 7 more squadrons for a new regiment. That will give me 14 squadrons of cavalry. After that I'll shift emphasis to the Prussian army.

My new wargames table is ready too. I've shrunk down to 6' x 15' which is still a respectable size. I've also ordered a new backdrop from the US so I'll be able to photograph against a scenic background of forested hills and blue skies. More on that soon. Next week it is back to 25mm SYW French cavalry.