Tuesday, 17 July 2012

55th Waldner

Another Swiss regiment of two battalions in French service. Note the officer in the first battalion. He came from a now-defunct French company called 'Capitulation' that intended to do a full WAS range and that had started with 10 or so delightful and characterful French infantry. I have about 5 figures from this range left and I really would like to get my hands on more. I've written to the owner in the hope that somehow we can get this valuable range re-started so, if by any chance, you know Patrice will you pass this request on to him.


  1. I didn't know "capitulation"...another great regiment, very nice work!

  2. These various Swiss regiments you have featured lately are lovely. Kind of makes me want to add three or four units to my own semi-imaginary tabletop forces eventually. Eager to see what you share next.

    Best Regards,