Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Through the Keyhole

This was the title of a TV programme that ran in the UK (and perhaps the USA) in the early '90s, which was hosted by David Frost and the irritatingly mid-Atlantic Loyd Grossman, who went on to make spaghetti sauces! In the programme you had to guess who lived in a particular house and, if you will be good enough to go to the 'Links' section on the right of this blog, you will find a link called 'My House is for Sale'. This is all a very tenuous method of telling you that my house is for sale and while you don't need to guess whose house it is (after all, I have already told you) you could, if you scanned down through the pictures, find yourself having, as the French say, a 'coup de coeur.'

I must apologise to you for such blatant commercialism – it is quite unlike me. But in these days of financial woes in the Euro zone, one has to do whatever one can to sell property. It would make someone a wonderful holiday home and comes complete with a wargames attic with a table that is over 20' x 6'. Furthermore I would, for additional consideration, be prepared to leave almost all the furniture and fittings. Of course I don't expect to sell to a wargamer, but you might know someone who is house-hunting in France and you might, if you were feeling great generosity of spirit, kindly pass these details on to them.

Rest assured that if I sell my home, I will continue with my blog and my wargaming.


  1. Yes, if only I could, great looking house

  2. Lovely property, I spent time growing up not far away near Villefranche de Rouerge, are you still in possession or have you sold up ?