Saturday, 7 January 2012

Austria WAS/SYW: IR 27 Hessen-Cassel

This regiment was 'Hessen-Cassel' in the WAS but by the SYW was called Baden-Durlach.
I have given them the pale blue turn backs they sported in the earlier period as well as the white/green cockades for officers (see my earlier post on IR 18) and the Green flag (M1744) which was introduced to replace the Imperial ones when those fiendish Wittelsbachs made their dastardly grab at the Imperial dignity. I guess my adjectival use might give a hint as to which side of the fence I rest.

Thus this regiment looks spot on, I think, for about 1755 as the drummer has changed over to a white coat as per the official instructions of that year – i.e. non-reversed coloured coats. This uniform could well (minus the cockades?) have been in use through much of the SYW.

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  1. Superb. Thank you for this post because it motivates me to work on my own austrian army.