Thursday, 2 June 2011

Arquebesiers de Grassin

The Arquebesiers de Grassin figurees are from Eureka and gorgeous they are too. They have one of the most complicated and theatrical uniforms of the period - a red mirliton, edged blue, with a brass front plate, blue cockade and white plume. The blue coat is trimmed in black fur for the rankers and I have given grey fur for the officers, though this is speculation on my part.
There are sources out there (Pengel & Hurt) for the rankers but very little for the officers. The only thing I don't like is the sash for the officer as I'm sure this is wrong. Still, for those wishing to defend the bois du Barry (Battle of Fontenoy), you will need this hard-fighting unit.

I believe Eureka plan to do the mounted element of hussar-type figures but there is no sign of them yet, unless I have overlooked them.

Lastly, a pack of Foundry dismounted French dragoons - great character but crude detailing
as per most of the Foundry SYW range.


  1. A great rendition of a most 'colorful' unit!
    Modern reconstructions generally give 'white' fur to all ranks?
    What I'm a little doubtful about is the hornist: none appear in contemporary texts / TOE, the fusiliers and grenadiers of the regiment being given 'normal' drummers instead. Indeed cornets officially appeared in French light infantry only under Napoleon (in voltigeurs companies)?

  2. de Grassin's look very nice, you made a great job of the, like yo said a very colourful uniform for the period, its so different from any other French unit. The flag look great as well, once again a very different look to the norm.