Wednesday 20 October 2010

40mm Trident figures

I'm here asking opinions. The pictures show the new 40mm AWI range from Trident - in particular, the Hessians that are suitable to use as SYW Prussians. In the centre are three Trident figures framed on either side by Sash and Saber 40mm. On the left are Hungarians and on the right are Austrians.

The question is one of size compatability. It's not a proper comparison as the grenadier mitre in the centre is so tall and a better comparison would have been against Austrians in their bearskins but I don't have any so this comparison will have to do.

The Trident figures are certainly thinner. They are also more expensive. But, do you think the look okay together or not? If I used them at all, then all the Prussians would be from the same manufacturer. Answers on a postcard please!

(On the subject of painting these figures, I've used ArmyPainter but only on areas of white and the faces. I like the results although there are inaccuracies in the figures; no shoulder-straps and I don't think that officers carried a cane attached in this way to their lapels. I think that was a method used exclusively by NCOs.)


  1. There is a slight difference in the build and height - but nothing that I feel you should worry about.

    I have a theory that the consistency of the style of basing is more important (as important) as the style of figure sculpts or even the style of painting. So ensure that you have a consistent base style and I think you will have no issue over comparability! I know it sounds strange, but try the experiment of placing two similar miniatures on different base styles (I'm not talking size here or round vs. square - just how they are painted and flocked, then try the same thing with two different miniatures - different manufacturers, even different painting styles BUT on bases that are the same.

    I think you will see that the base has a lot to do with how comparable figures are!

    Good luck what ever you decide.


  2. Trident figs look nice - as you say a tad taller and thinner. The S&S figs have their knees bent a bit more ? Otherwise not too different.

    Have you looked at the Front Rank AWI Hessians in Gaiters ?

    -- Allan