Saturday, 27 February 2010

TAG conversion

While I wait for the Crusader French SYW figures to arrive (sufficient to complete twelve battalions) I've been thinking ahead to the next two cavalry units I need for the Polish Renaissance army. They are to be 'General Levy' and TAG don't actually do a figure. What I was looking for was a lance-carrying unarmoured general cavalryman so I asked TAG to send me a sample of their pack REN 07 to see how easy it would be to convert. These are minor conversions - just snipping off the sword, and drilling through the hand to take a lance - but even so I managed to make a pig's ear of the sample I'm showing you. Whilst bending the arm down with a small pair of pliers I managed to snap the hand off. Still, I have a pile of plastic bits and pieces (from other projects - Lesson here- never throw anything away!) and voila, a plastic hand was glued into place with the lance. I'm showing also two pictures of the packs I plan to convert to make two 12 figure units.

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