Monday 1 February 2010

OOB WAS/SYW Allied Pragmatic Army

Focusing as I currently am on my WAS/SYW armies, I thought it time to show you an OOB for both sides and to explain, even if briefly, how one can use one army, in this case the British Allies, for both wars with only minor change so long as, and this is the key, one is not a fussy purist.

I'll post the French army later this week (and that is a great deal more complicated) and to you Eastern Renaissance guys, I'll promise at least one new unit a month. It was two, I know I promised, but the poll clearly showed another winner and time and money constrains against more than one new unit a month - with the focus being on the Poles for the moment.

C-in-C Prinz Ferdinand or Duke of Cumberland

Advance Guard: Colonel Luckner(H)
Hessian Jaegers (9)
Brunswick Jaegers (9)
Freytag Jaegers (9)
Brunswick Hussars von Roth (8)
Hanoverian Luckner’s Hussars (16)
Battalion gun

1st Column: Lt-General Prinz von Isenburg-Budingen (He)
Brigade: Maj-General Waldegrave
5th Foot (Bentinck)(18)
6th Foot (Guise)(18)
37th Foot (Stewart)(18)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Maj-General Griffin
8th Foot (King’s)(18)
20th Foot (Kingsley)(18)
43rd Foot (Kennedy)(18)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Maj-General Scheele (H)
Hanoverian Guard 1 battalion (20)
Hanoverian Guard 2 battalion (20)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Major Lennox
6x6pdr Light British Battery

2nd Column: Lt-General Freiherr von Spörcken (H)
Brigade: Maj-General von Wangenheim (H)
von Reden Hanoverian Reg 3A (20)
von Post Hanoverian Reg 10A (20)
de la Chevallerie Hanoverian 11B (20)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Maj-General George Ludwig von Zastrow (Bru)
Brunswick von Mansberg 1st Btn (18)
Brunswick von Mansberg 2nd Btn (18)
Brunswick Prinz Friedrich 1st Btn (18)
Brunswick Prinz Friedrich 2nd Btn (18)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Maj-General Bischhausen (He)
Hessian Mansbach 1st Btn (12)
Hessian Mansbach 2nd Btn (12)
Hessian Gilsa 1st Btn (12)
Hessian Gilsa 2nd Btn (12)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Major Haase (H)
6x12pdr Hanoverian Battery

3rd Column: Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand, Erbprinz of Brunswick
Brigade: Maj-General von Post(H)
von Scheither Hanoverian Reg 1A (20)
von Schulenburg Hanoverian Reg 3B (20)
von Bock Hanoverian Reg 4A (20)
Battalion gun
Brigade: Major-General von Mansberg (Bru)
British Grenadier Btn (18)
Hanoverian Grenadier Btn (16)
Hessian Mansbach/Gilsa Grenadier (12)
Hessian Guards/Erbprinz Grenadier (12)
Brunswick Conv.Gren.von Redecken (16)
Battalion gun (Brunswick)
Brigade: Maj-General von Tolle (He)
4th Hessian Guards,. 1st Btn (12)
4th Hessian Guards, 2nd Btn (12)
Hessian Malsburg 1st Btn (12)
Hessian Malsburg 2nd Btn (12)
Battalion gun

Brigade: Major Gohr (He)
6x6pdr Hessian Battery

(Right)Column Cavalry General: Lt Gen Marquis of Granby
Brigade: Major-General Honnywood
3rd DragoonGuards,(12)
5th Dragoons (Royal Irish)(12)
6th Dragoons (Inniskilling)(8)
Brigade: MG von Breidenbach (H)(dragoons)
Hanoverian Leib-Regiment Horse (12)
Hanoverian von Grothaus Horse (12)
Hanoverian Breidenbach Dragoons (16)
Brigade: MG von Wolff (He)
Miltitz (Oheim)Hessian Horse (12)
Prinz Wilhelm Hessian Horse (12)
Prinz Friedrich Hessian Dragoons (16)

(Left) Column Cavalry General: Lt.General Oheim (He)
Brigade: MG von Grothaus (H)
Hanoverian Garde du Corps (6)
Hanoverian Grenadier a Cheval (6)
Hanoverian Heisse Horse (12)
Hanoverian Bremer Sen. Horse (12)
Brigade: MG von Reden (H)
Hanoverian Walthausen Horse (12)
Hessian Horse Leib (12)
Hanoverian Veltheim Dragoons (16)
Brigade: MG von Hanstein(He)
Hessian Dragoons Leib (16)
Hanoverian Bock Dragoons (16)

Artillery: 20 battalion guns plus 18 heavy guns =38
Infantry: 537 figs= 17,721
Cavalry: 244 figs= 8,052
Army of 24,981

NOTE: Items marked in BOLD have yet to be painted. All others are finished.

The first thing to note, is the choice of two commanders. Cumberland will command in the WAS and Ferdinand in the SYW. The French will have Saxe in the WAS and Soubise in the SYW. This will nicely pit an 'average/poor' commander against a more celebrated and efficient opponent.

Secondly, it all revolves around the rules I will use which are Carnage and Glory Computer rules. This will allow me to put infantry into three or four ranks as appropriate for each nationality or campaign. The Hanoverians, for example, used 4 ranks throughout the WAS and in the early part of the SYW. The basing system is mine which is fine as both sides will be based in the same way. Have a look at Nigel Marsh's website at

Thirdly, the role of the Hessians and Brunswickers in the WAS was very limited (most Hessians were sent to England to assist against the wee Bonnie Prince) and OOBs of the WAS have the Dutch in their place. The Dutch are neutral in the SYW and their place is taken by expanded Hessian and Brunswick armies. This is an instance where the purist (normally me, but not in this instance) has to suspend reality a smidgeon. Who knows, I may do some Dutch some day as Eureka have a nice range.

Fourthly, names of units and names/ranks of generals change throughout both wars. Some units existed in the WAS and not in the SYW and vice-versa. I don’t think it matters terribly although some units (mostly on the French side) may well feature on the battlefield only within their correct context.

The French OOB will appear later on this week. It features, amongst other things, interchangeable elite infantry divisions, depending on which war one is fighting. The SYW will have an elite Grenadier division while the WAS will have an elite guards and Irish division. They may even fight together one day, who knows?

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