Friday, 30 October 2009

Some SYW Hanoverian flags

I've had a number of enquiries about how I do my flags and I'm showing some samples here. I take no credit for the original artwork as all these images come from the Kronskaf website (see link on the right). I've cut and pasted them into Microsoft 'Paint' then duplicated the image and turned it round to match up.

To reduce or enlarge the flag I simply cut and paste to Microsoft 'Word' (I assure you I'm a complete computer dunce in truth) and pull on a corner to reduce or enlarge. You then need to experiment with printing them out to ensure you have the correct size to fit the flag staff - the bigger the better as far as I am concerned.
Then always keep one saved in the correct size so that when you come to add new flags you can scale these against the saved ones which you know are correct.

Now if that is too complicated, drop me an email and I can send you these via email in 'Word'. If you would like some flags of Hanoverian regiments I have not sampled above, then let me know and I can do them for you. I think these will work in all scales up to and including 28mm figures (which is what I used them for).


  1. The flags are outstanding Nigel. I hadn't realized that you had these. Thank you so much for making them and sharing them with us.


  2. Yes indeed. As DAF said. Thank you very much!