Sunday 25 October 2009

Hovel's 25mm ACW Buildings (1)

While I was at SELWG last Sunday I purchased from Hovels a number of ACW 25mm buildings for my table. I've started painting these up and I'm now showing the first four. They are resin and I've put the manufacturer's code on each picture. They are very nice and substantial and, I think, paint up well.

I've added some chopped-down toothpicks in place of the supplied railings as I prefer the thinner look. They were all given a black wash, then dry brushed and finished off with a coat of Army Painter. I like the finished result which gives a very weather look. Next week I'll post pictures of the remainder of the buildings I bought and then for the rest of the year will be focused on the last touches to my ACW armies.

I may digress for a week or so painting up some Eagle Miniatures French SYW I also bought at SELWG. Size-wise these look like they might be compatible with Foundry/Front Rank/Crusader but we will see. I'm not one hundred percent convinced by the raw metal figures but the painted results might just work.


  1. Very nice - I own no. 23 myself - you may see it in the background of some of my AWI battle reports, as it fits that period well as well..

  2. Nice brush work on the buildings. I've seen a lot of Eagle SYW figures and they paint up very well. The castings look a little ragged, but the finished results are usually good.

    You have to be careful and not select the SYW that are charging with leveled muskets. They are hard to put on multi-figure bases.

    The marching and firing poses look very good and are easy to base.