Friday 10 July 2009

Battle of Chipping Snodbury (Part One)

While I was on holiday in the States recently I had the chance to visit my old friend Jon in up-state New York and play an ECW game using his lavish wargames table and abundant supply of figures.

This battle report will fall into three blog entries. This section is a brief description of the terrain, section 2 will show the deployment of the armies, and the final section, a description of the fictional battle itself which resulted in a sad day for the Royalists (yes, of course, me). I don’t mind losing which must mean I have mellowed almost into a horizontal frame of mind so I’m an ideal opponent.

Picture 1 shows the battlefield with the town of Chipping Snodbury at the top (along the River Avon) presenting the Royalists (who will deploy on the right) with a fairly secure flank, or so I thought. In the foreground is the awkwardly placed village of Broad Chalke which will complicate things for the Royalist cavalry. What is not visible is another village (Little Flosshampton) which is on the left behind the Parliamentary centre.

Picture 2 shows Broad Chalke bereft of male inhabitants (its late in the war so most have been conscripted or fled) but with a full assortment of wenches awaiting the outcome of the battle.

Picture 3 shows the town of Chipping Snodbury and its ford over the river. Assorted townsfolk are discussing the high price of beer.

In summary, the terrain is as flat as a pancake with just one irritating village which, as we will see, will serve Parliament well.

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