Tuesday 3 March 2009

Skytrex 1:700 Napoleonic Ships

A recent thread on TMP discussed this range of Napoleonic ships at 1:700 from Skytrex. I have only painted one and that was six years ago so she is showing her age slightly - note that cotton rigging attracts dust and the next one I do will have synthetic cotton rigging. In fact she is on my painting desk at the moment - HMS Bellerophon (74) but don't hold your breath as each one takes many hours to complete. The plan ( ambitious as usual) was to do small French and British squadrons of 4 SOL and a frigate each but who knows if I will ever complete this task. But they are lovely ships and if I could find someone who enjoys painting and rigging them I would be happy to pay for the service. Any ideas?

1 comment:

  1. Great Nigel ! i know this range but i haven't yet seen them painted.
    I have only 1/1200 th Langton frigates and i just began to paint them. Well if you don't find a painter, i would study that...

    Stephane, from Toulouse (a Siaba's friend)