Sunday 22 February 2009

Dutch WAS Regiment Glinstra

The Dutch army in the WAS was very colourful - regiments of foot wore a variety of coat colours; blue, white, red and dark green. This regiment, Glinstra, had white coats with pale blue facings. Flags are by the excellent Vaubanner and the figures are from the equally excellent WAS range by Eureka.


  1. Such a good-looking unit!

    200% personal, but I find the WAS uniforms more elegant than those of the SYW. Hopefully De Saxe will become as popular as Frederick among wargamers and manufacturers.


  2. Nice looking unit; I like the colourful uniform

    -- Allan

  3. Very nice figures and painting. I have a battalion in the queue to paint myself but haven't decided on which one yet.

    And yes, WAS is my preference too and it's great to see some figures specifically for it at last. Lots of Fontenoy refights coming up, I suspect!