Monday, 17 November 2008

Raw metal (or painted?) for sale

I'm going through bags and bags of figures I have for sale as its time to dispose of things I'll never get round to painting for my own collection. So, if there is anything here you would like to buy, please drop me an email at and we will sort out payment and postage. Just make me an offer!

1) 25mm Venture Miniatures Havoverian SYW cavalry; 10 horses and 11 mounted including officer, standard bearer and a choice of trumpeter or kettle drummer.
Unpainted and new.
2) 25mm Sash and Saber SYW Prussian hussars in mirliton. 8 horses and 8 cavalrymen.
Unpainted and new.
3) 25mm Sash and Saber SYW Prussian hussars in bearskin. 12 horses and 12 cavalrymen.
4) 25mm Sash and Saber SYW Prussian hussars in mirliton. 20 horses and 20 cavalrymen.
Unpainted and new.
5) 25mm Renegade Republican Romans. 4 principes (plus pila and shields), 4 triarii kneeling (plus shieds), 4 hastati (plus pila and shields), 4 command (plus 2 shields and 4 standards), 2 mounted officers (horses and shields) and a single Carthaginian foot standard bearer (why, I don't know) by unknown manufacturer.
Unpainted and new.
6) A 'ton' in weight of A&A 25mm Samnites I bought to make up allied Roman legions
for my 'late' Republican army: 36 foot command, 48 of code SAM2, 134 of code SAM1 and enough shields and pila for the lot. I also have anough LBM shield transfers for the entire lot as well.Unpainted and new.
7) PAINTED and for Sale: 12 25/28mm French Infantry of the WAS (by a French company called Capitulation).
8) 40mm Sash & Saber Napoleonics: 10 British infantry (plus heads), 2 British infantry with broken bayonets, 7 French infantry (plus heads), 3 French infantry with broken bayonets. $10 plus postage.
9) Front Rank 25mm SYW French Guards; 4 painted infantry, 14 unpainted figures.

I'm happy to sell the raw metal or, if you want me to, to paint them up on special commision for you. Drop me an email and we'll discuss it further. If these do not sell, I'll probably be putting them on eBay sometime soon.

Over the next few weeks/months I'll be painting up the following for sale:

1) 15mm AB Napoleonic Austrians in helmets - 5 battalions of 18.
2) '25mm' Minden Miniatures - 40 figures of Prussians in 2 battalions.
3) 25mm A&A Hypaspists - 24 figures.

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