Thursday 30 May 2019

Prussian 28mm SYW: IR27 Alt Kleist

Another hard fighting Prussian Regiment although it is hard to find a regiment that had an easy time in the SYW. This one took part to the battle of Lobosit where it was assigned to the brigade of major-general Zastrow in Kleist's Division. During this battle, the regiment saw intense fighting and lost 13 officers (including its colonel) and 277 men. For their conduct in this battle, all captains of the regiment received the “Pour le Mérite”.

In the battle of Breslau it lost 13 officers and 687 men and at Zorndorf 12 officers and 623 men. Like many other regiments maybe only 5-10% of its original strength were still in the ranks by the end of the war, it have been refilled with 'recruits' many times over.

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