Thursday, 14 March 2019

Prussian 28mm SYW: IR41 Wied zu Neuwied Fusiliers

Here are two battalions of this regiment acquired, in 1741, from Wurttemberg. It is interesting to think that one could just buy an entire regiment from another state but Prussia's relationship with protestant Wurttemberg was quite close. The 12th Dragoons was another regiment purchased from that state.

These are Black Hussar figures, quite my favourite for SYW Prussians. The red really pops out and it is described in Kronoskaf as light carmine so it's a red shade I have not used before.

It must have been a hard fighting regiment as it lost 1000 men (dead and wounded) in the Battle of Kolin which was about two thirds of it's starting strength. At Kunersdorf it lost another 522 dead and wounded. Grenadiers were converged with IR44 to make 41/44 Gemmingen.

Franz Karl Ludwig von Wied zu Neuwied was quite elderly by this period (he was born in 1701) but he reached the rank of Lieutenant General. The Wied family split in 1698 and there was another branch (Wied-Runkel) that served with the Austrians. In the 19th century a Wied would become, ever so briefly, King of Albania!

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