Saturday, 30 December 2017

40mm SYW Prussian Division/Column

Last pictures of the year. Here we have eight battalions of 40mm SYW Prussians making up the front line of my army. I plan on two divisions so this is 50% finished. The Prussian advance guard is also finished but I have the cavalry and field artillery to do.

As for the Austrians, all the cavalry is done and half the Line Infantry as well. I think towards the end of 2018 I should be able to re-fight Mollwitz unless I get side-tracked!

I have taken three long pictures as you can see. These are made up of four pictures side-by-side. Do they work?

Happy New Year.


  1. The four side by side are very good.. I shall try that myself.. how did you do it? Tripod and then just move it sideways a foot at a time?

    1. Yes but make sure you have a smooth surface under the camera/phone (I used my Samsung which has a good camera) so that it slides along at the same level..........experiment with it! I used a long piece of wood.