Friday 12 May 2017

10th Hussars (Prince of Wales' Own) in the Peninsular

Continuing here my Peninsular Project, this is a British Hussar regiment of 3 squadrons (each 5 figures) using the brilliant plastics from the Perry brothers. They are fabulous figures and I particularly like the muscular horses with their docked tails.


  1. Brilliant job with these! As I recall, the lights did not carry the regimental colors on campaign. Will you ever consider doing the dismounted figures? will you be painting the French and Spanish as well?
    All those questions posed, one thing remains - you did a cracking fine job on these!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. They did not carry flags and indeed the box does not include an arm for this purpose. I will be doing the French and I should have 4 battalions ready soon. As for the Spanish, I will wait for the Perrys to start this range.

  3. I'll echo the previous comments. Nothing like pack of hussars, especially British Napoleonic fellows, who have every bit as much swagger and dash as their French brethren.

    Best Regards,