Friday 11 November 2016

WAS: Modenese Regiment MIRANDOLA

Here is the second ‘National’ regiment of Modena called Mirandola. This was an independent Duchy under the Pico family until Modena purchased it in 1711 for 175,000 golden doubloons. It demolished the 15th century castle and built an 18th century fortress (picture below)which was to be besieged by the invading Piedmontese in the WAS.

I am unsure about what shade of green to use for the facings (green is a tricky colour as there are so many shades) but I love this Jade green from Coat d’Arms (158) and so any chance to use it is welcome.

I also have had to make a decision about the uniforms of Modenese generals. I am sure there was no uniform and that the Duchy followed the normal practise of using the colonel-in-chief’s outfit with extra embellishments. There were two known generals that I have been able to track down (besides the Duke himself): Lt General Gross (who command the Swiss regiment so he would have worn red faced pale blue until they reversed the colours) and who was notionally the senior general, and a Major-General Negri. I have no information about him at all so I have just put him in the uniform of Mirandola and in this uniform he will command the single Modenese infantry brigade. The figure is from Black Hussar and their nice new pair of French SYW Generals, in this case Chevert. The only thing I don’t like about the new figures is that they have turned back the coats and almost all contemporary illustrations do not show this detail. 

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