Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Markgraf Friedrich von Bayreuth Dragoons

The 5th Dragoons were also known as the Bayreuth Dragoons after their commanding officer the markgraf Friedrich von Bayreuth. It was a double strength regiment of 10 squadrons (40 figures) and had a famous fighting history.

For example at the battle of Hohenfriedberg in the WAS the regiment took advantage of a strong gust of wind which blew away the powder smoke and the dust and revealed an opening in the Austrian lines through which to charge the vulnerable Austrian infantry. The dragoons deployed into line, and attacked north against the right flank of the first Austrian line. They drove all the way along that line, routing it completely, then turned south to destroy the second Austrian line.

The Austrians, already outnumbered, abandoned by their Saxon allies, without cavalry protection, and now broken by this attack, began to surrender en masse. The Bayreuth Dragoons defeated several thousand Austrian infantry and only suffered 94 casualties. The Dragoons overran twenty battalions, took 2,500 prisoners, capturing 67 flags and standards as well as four cannon in what is considered and celebrated as one of the great cavalry battlefield triumphs. The battle ended with the complete defeat of the Austro-Saxon army.


  1. A Splendid Sight,yes indeed. All lined up for the action ahead. BB

  2. impressive regiment - I love it, when they stand in one row to the horizon..