Sunday, 24 May 2015

WAS in Italy (6): l/Schulemburg (Sardinian)Infantry Regiment

So here is the real reason for this new series of articles on the WAS in Italy - I get to paint up some very unusual uniforms of states that we rarely wargame with. Plus, as a vexollogist, I get to show you some fantastic flags also rarely seen.

The plan (when was the last time I stuck to a plan?) is to paint a small number of units for the Piedmontese/Sardinian, Austrian, Neapolitan, Modenese and Spanish armies, roughly in the proportion of those present at the battle of Campo Santo. But not necessarily those present at the battle - as I explore these forces I might find some ever prettier ones with nicer flags!

This regiment was present at the battle (at least one battalion) and actually it was raised in Saxony. The Piedmontese army appears to have been only about 50% Italian in composition - the infantry at least - the remainder coming from the Swiss Cantons and German states.

Information on the uniforms is a bit sketchy but it comes mostly from
To paint these units you need to fill in the gaps - for example we know nothing about the drummer's uniform but in the WAS reversed colours was very common. Ditto nothing is known about the grenadier bearskin.

Lastly the figures used were mostly Crusader 28mm SYW Russians. These are very good generic figures useful for many nations and with minimal straps. But for the grenadiers at the end I had to use Austrians from the same manufacturer. The officer is from Black Hussar, the NCO from Foundry.


  1. Loving the new project Nigel!

  2. May be you are not aware, but Tara miniatures has started a range for the WAS, including Piedmontese and Spanish if I remember correctly.