Sunday 26 October 2014

Württemberg Leib Grenadier Regiment

This is a complicated regiment as it it did not exist for very long. In 1758, the Garde zu Fuß was twice reorganised. During the second reorganisation, late in 1758, the Garde zu Fuß retained two battalions while its other battalion gave birth to this regiment -the Leibgrenadierregiment which recruited other troops to bring its total force to 3 battalions.

In 1762 and 1763, two battalions were detached from the regiment to form independent grenadier battalions designated Hausgrenadierbataillon and Herzogsgrenadierbataillon. The Leibgrenadierregiment now counting a single battalion was renamed Leibgrenadierbataillon.

So what we see here is the two battalion regiment sometime between 1758-1762.

Another thing that is strange is that Kronoskaf, where these organizational details came from, says that the officers had gold button colour whereas the rank and file had silver despite their brass fronted mitres. Mitre colour always matches button colour so I think the button colour should be brass for all.