Saturday, 8 March 2014

More Saxon Infantry

Here we have more Saxons from the excellent SYW Eureka range. The top two pictures show the regiment Minckwitz. This regiment was the second in the Saxon Army with dark blue facings. The battalion is accompanied by late-war grenadiers and the eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that lapels have been added to the coat. Upon their capture at Pirna the army surrendered their military accoutrements (mitres, flags etc) and were re-uniformed by the Prussian. So when the army was reconstituted later on in the war, and in service with the French, it was with Austrian style uniform details, like bearskins.

The bottom picture shows both early and late grenadiers of the regiment Prinz Xaver. The regiment has been painted before and these are now ready to join their companions.


  1. I like the Eureka Saxons, except for one thing: the muskets are too short. Measure the length of any musket and then compare that to the distance from the ground to the man's shoulder, which would be the correct length, and you will see that the musket comes up short. I own about 400 of these castings and I will probably never paint them for that reason. I was one of the people driving support for this Eureka project so I had a lot of money invested in the project. Now the cavalry and artillery are just fine, but if you want any more Saxon infantry castings at a bargain price or to trade for some of your books, then I'm your man.

    In any event, the figures are nicely painted.

  2. DAF, kind offer thanks. Actually the Saxon's all belong to a client and I think he has bought enough to build his army. If and when I do Saxons it will be in 40mm to field them next to my Austrians. If you want booklets, just let me know.

  3. Lovely uniforms and brushwork. I wondered why they were 28mm instead of your favored 40mm - for a client, I see. Dean