Wednesday, 5 February 2014

SYW: Prussian Yellow Hussars

The 7th Malachowski Hussars were also known as "die Gelben"(the Yellows). Some of its squadrons served in the Western theatre.
The figures are by Foundry and are very nice, if difficult to assemble. They come in four parts -the horse, lower-body on the shabraque, upper body and pelisse. Of course there were no standards carried on campaign but they provide the figures and it would be a shame to waste them.


  1. Well done unit, lovely colors! The Foundry SYW range is in my humble opinion one of the better they have in their range. I applaud your decision to keep the flags, they certainly add to the impression of the charge.

  2. Yes, lovely colors. It strikes me that we don't often see this particular unit in miniature where SYW armies are concerned, but perhaps I am mistaken. IN any case, very pretty and inspiring.

    Best Regards,


  3. Very nice, Nigel!
    I love this unit. I also have them as 30 mm flats. A true gang of wretched scroundrels they were. Just read young Charles-Fran├žois Dumouriez account of his singular encounter with them just before the battle of Closter Camp 1760 near Wesel. Really, they weren't sportsmen - in any English sense, to put it mildly.