Tuesday 10 September 2013

New Blog

Just to let you know I have started a new Blog specifically on the Hessian army of the SYW prior to the change of ruler in 1760.


Hopefully you will like what you see on this new blog. Some Hessian units will still appear on this blog but they will be post 1760 ones. All those on the new blog will be for the early period and I aim to paint the entire army in due course.


  1. Will you be covering the Hessians for the AWI period? I'm collecting uniform information for my new range of AWI Hessians at Fife & Drum.


  2. DAF,
    The short answer is no, I'm afraid not. But I look forward to seeing your Fife and Drum figures and, if they have gaiters, would love to paint them for the new blog (if they work with Foundry figures size-wise). Thanks, Nigel