Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lastic de Saint-Jal French Cavalry Regiment

This is a splendid regiment with an interesting history of ownership as per Kronoskaf:

"The regiment was raised on December 7 1665, from the Thury free company. Disbanded in 1668, to the exception of its Mestre de camp company, the regiment was re-established in 1671. During the War of the Spanish Succession, the regiment distinguished itself under the comte de Ruffey and later under the comte de Marcillac. At the beginning of the War of the Polish Succession, in 1733, the regiment initially served on the Rhine. In 1734, the comte de Vogüe bought the regiment which was transferred to the Italian theatre of operation.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment served in the successive campaigns in Fanders from 1742 to 1745. In 1744, the comte de Vogüe sold it to the comte de Lastic de Saint Jal. In 1747, it served in Provence.

In 1756, the regiment ranked 40th and counted two squadrons.
In 1759, the ownership of the regiment returned to the House of Vogüe.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:
--since 1744: François comte de Lastic Saint-Jal
--from May 1759 to December 1 1761: marquis de Vogüé"

What is interesting from the above is the fact that regiments could be bought and sold and, presumably, won or lost on the turn of a card!

This regiment fought hard at the Battle of Minden. "Cerice de Vogüé, its mestre-de-camp, was seriously wounded and captured by the Allies. After the battle, the regiment had only 120 horses remaining compared to 280 horses at the opening of the campaign."

The musician coat colour is my fictional creation as I could find nothing to help.

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