Thursday 29 November 2012

Moving House

Just to let you know that I have sold my house and I'm moving in January of 2013. I've bought a town house not far from here so it's not a huge move but nonetheless it does involve a great deal of work as I'm shoehorning from 250 square metres into half that size. So there won't be many posts now for the next six months or so while the builders go in and sort out jobs that need doing. I will be painting miniatures as and when I have time but normal service will be resumed by about April.


  1. Nice town house! We were in the Turenne/Sarlat area for about a month this spring and loved it - looking forward to going back sometime in the future.

  2. Dear Nigel,

    your work is absolutely outstanding! Moreover I am glad you re-edited the G&B booklets which introduced me at the SYW miniature painting. For these reasons I am proud to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award on my Blog

    I send you the best wishes!