Sunday, 7 October 2012

Orleans Cavalry Regiment

Here is another one of those ubiquitous French cavalry regiments (of the WAS/SYW era) dressed in grey and this is another ‘de sang royal’ regiment – Orleans. I’ve never been fond of the Orleans branch of the Bourbon dynasty as – besides the Regent in the early Louis XV period – they were frequently a scurrilous bunch of treacherous dogs concerned more for their own advancement and place than the overall good of their country.
All figures are by Front Rank.


  1. Another great regiment, with beautiful colours!

  2. I have also just done this regiment using the Minden figures. The reason was finding an old Military Modelling cover from the early 1980's which had a 90mm model of the trumpeter on the cover.


  3. Yep, solid work here on both the details and the horses. And hey, scurrilous Orleonnais are half the fun of French history!

  4. Dear Nigel, your blog is one which I like the most. Your miniatures are an endless source of inspiration for my smaller 6mm regiments. I am also grateful for your editorial efforts.

    For this reason, I nominated for the Liebster Blog Award on my Blog

    I send you the best wishes!