Monday, 17 September 2012

SYW Prussian 12pdr Battery

A twelve-pounder Prussian battery for the WAS or SYW. Crews are from Foundry, horses from Front Rank and guns/limbers from Zinnfiguren. The latter are expensive but very good quality and come fully assembled although you will need to touch up the glue with super-glue.

I've pictured the limber in greater detail as nobody seems to make this amongst the more conventional wargaming companies. If you know different, please tell me. Next week I'll show an Austrian 6pdr battery.


  1. Looking good Nigel, that's quite a mixture of companies you have represented. Look forward to next weeks contribution

  2. I plan on adding Prussian cannon and limbers to my artillery range as part of the Fife & Drum line. they are working on the models now. I also have limber horse teams that are more in scale with the Zinnfiguren models. The RSM limber horses are nearly perfect for the Zinnfiguren limbers too.