Thursday, 9 August 2012

1st Swiss Guards

Another Swiss Guard battalion from the WAS/SYW, figures by Foundry. Last time I painted these chaps I was not too keen on them but I'm warming to them and, barring the complete absence of necks for the command, they are not too bad.

Painting wise, the best tip I can give you (and I may have said this before) is to dry brush the silver lace on the officers first. Then cut in the coat colour afterwards.

I've used artistic licence on the 'white' flag which was probably plain white in this period. But I found this somewhat more elaborate example from about 20 years later and decided to use it as it is rather more splendid.


  1. Wonderful regiment! The flags are also very impressive...

  2. Very good paint job, Nigel. These guys look brilliant.