Thursday 19 April 2012

Berliner Zinnfiguren

Here are some really excellent guns from Berliner Zinnfiguren. The top two pictures show the Austrian 12pdr and limber while the bottom two pictures show the Prussian 6pdr and limber. Both are SYW and both are labelled as 30mm although they will do fine for 28mm. They come nicely boxed and assembled although they will need a drop of superglue in various places as I'm not sure what glue they have used.

When I saw these a year or so ago on their website I thought they were expensive at 21.75 euros per box but if you do the calculations they are not that expensive and you get a great deal more accuracy, especially in the limbers. The euro price works out at about £17.77 and if you consider that Front Rank's prices have been creeping up (a gun and a heavy limber from FR are £7.25 each) the price difference is now only £3.22
or about £1.60 per item. FR's equipment is also highly generic whereas these appear precise and are high quality products with almost no flash.

They appear in the 'Flats' section under SYW but here are the links:

The code is 268/1


The code is 268/5

I have finished a Prussian 6pdr battery and I'll show it over the weekend.

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