Friday 30 March 2012

3rd Cuirassiers - Leibregiment

Foundry 25/28mm SYW Prussian Cuirassiers painted as the 3rd Regiment. These have changed as the right arm is no longer separate and they are now, more or less, the same figure, although you do get some facial variation. Also, if you look at the bottom picture, you will see that there is considerable flash on the horses. You don't really expect to buy the most expensive figures and then have to spend a great deal of time cleaning them prior to painting.

Still, the kettledrummers are nice figures. I've done one for the 1st and 3rd Cuirassiers.


  1. Very nice figs...specially the kettledrummer! Great work!

  2. Lovely work on these Nigel.

  3. Damn, that's a lot of horseflesh. Nice work on these.