Sunday 19 February 2012

40mm WAS/SYW Austrian IR Marshall von Biberstein

Sometimes I think 'Procrastinator' is my middle name. But then again, perhaps not. The story of my 40mm SYW armies is a case in point. I had built up a number of battalions, both Austrian and Prussian, and then I sold them for ridiculously cheap prices on eBay. Now I have started them again and you may ask why. This is why:

1) I enjoy painting them so much.
2) Chris at S&S is expanding the Austrian range at last.
3) Trident's Prussians (actually Hessians of the AWI) are magnificent.
4) Their price is affordable.
5) My table (6'x23') deserves them.

So here we go again. IR Marshall (which I have now painted in 15mm, 18mm, 28mm and 40mm – twice) features again as it was one of the smartest Austrian Infantry regiments. Red facings, the classic Austrian colour, and, because they are painted for the WAS period, red turnbacks too.
I also wanted the ability to field them in 4 ranks as well as 3 ranks and for this to be noticeable on the table. Therefore the only issue is one of frontages; a battalion in 4 ranks takes up less space than a battalion in 3 ranks. Now here I have used an unwritten convention of wargaming – that to show a battalion in 3 ranks you can portray the regiment, physically, with two ranks of figures. Therefore, by extension, to portray a regiment in 4 ranks, you show it in 3 ranks. There is a set of rules (Batailles de l'Ancien Regime or BAR for short) that fields big battalions so your 3 rank battalions might consist of 60 figures in 3 actual ranks. But I want to use both smaller battalions (20s and 24s) as well as Carnage and Glory II computer rules. So, that long explanation is there to show that my 24 figure Austrian battalions can be used for both 3 and 4 rank representation.

The top three pictures show both battalions of the regiment in '4' ranks and the bottom picture show them in '3' ranks.

But, of course, being a part-time master procrastinator, I'll go with this project as long as I enjoy it. Knowing me I'll sell it in two years time and then restart it again in five years. But I will try hard to resist this ominous prediction as Nostrodamus had little to say on the subject and only time will tell, which is the perfect cop-out.

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