Friday 4 February 2011

80th Foix

This regiment has unusual features to its uniform. It has red facings, showing on cuffs and collar only, and silver hat lace with brass (copper) coat and cuff buttons. It was a one battalion regiment that served in Germany with distinction in the first part of the SYW and which was then dispatched, in 1760, to Saint-Domingue (Haiti) where it remained until 1765.

Then, according to Kronoskaf, certain uniform changes were made in 1761 – the pale grey waistcoat changed to blue and the silver hat lace was changed to match the button colour and became gold. Now I very much doubt that these changes were enforced in Haiti and furthermore, in 1762, a second battalion was raised. Could they have raised a second battalion in Haiti or was this second battalion, more probably, raised in France?

My assumption is that the second regiment was raised in France with the new uniform details. I have no idea whether the second battalion was then sent to Haiti but if it was, you could see them bringing extra uniforms (waistcoats and yards of extra gold lace) to their compatriots in the colonies.

The Colonial link then continued. Part of this regiment (the first battalion perhaps with its colonial experience?)was sent to the West Indies in 1776 and participated in the failed attack on Savannah three years later.

I have painted this in the uniform at the start of the SYW. Figures are Crusader though the officer is from Front Rank. The lovely flag is by GMB.

(I have checked in Pengel & Hurt and they only mention gold hat lace so maybe that is a reference to post 1761).

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