Monday 7 September 2009

Portraits of Hanoverian SYW Officers (2)

This portrait is contemporary with the SYW and is of a Lieutenant von Limbourg.
He looks obviously like a Grenadier officer (although I thought Grenadier officers wore the tricorne**) and he looks like he might have served in the Grenadier company of Spörken’s foot regiment (2A) which had buff facings and yellow lace (he cannot be an officer of the Grenadiers a cheval as their facings were black). I say this because this was also sent to me by Baron von Spoercken, who owns a collection of portraits of officers who served his predecessor either in a regimental or staff context. Notice the cuirasse which was unusual for a foot officer to wear but which may have something to do with posing for a portrait. As far as I know, this picture has never appeared on the web.

My thanks to the Baron for sending me the photograph.

Lastly, I’m hoping soon to be able to show you “Die Revue bei Bemerode 1735”
soon and in greater detail than has been available to date.

** Update. I've had it confirmed by a very reliable source that Hanoverian grenadier officers did wear the mitre!


  1. Absolutely splendid portraits! Thank you so much for posting these, and to the good Baron for sharing them!

  2. Yes, I heartily concur with the preceding comments.

    -- Jeff

  3. Yes,grenadier officiers (of all armies, for that matter) wore mitre caps (or bearskin caps or whatever). The tricorn was worn in the field, because the mitre caps with their splendid embroidery were waaaaay too expensive to have them tarnished and/or messed up during a battle. So they were kept for parades and other events where you had to look absolutely stunning. :)