Sunday, 21 December 2008

The new table.........

The top picture is a taster of the finished result. There will be more pictures soon.

I've been without a wargames table for 5 years now and you can perhaps
imagine my pleasure at building a new one. All my hex terrain, trees, buildings and other bits have sat in cardboard boxes all that time and, so far, having opening over twenty boxes, nothing is irretrievably damaged.

The next three pictures show the table under construction using 18 Ikea legs (cheap and just the job). Thanks guys for your help. The bottom two pictures show the edging being put on the table top - a not uncomplicated procedure! Although this table is large (24' x 7') its about two thirds of the size of the two tables I had in Normandie so I have lots of spare hexes. By the way, all the terrain is 25mm. The attic of my house is 140 square metres in size so this table sort of 'sits in a corner'.

Over the next few days (Christmas festivities allowing) I'll post some pictures of the first layout and put some of the Pragmatic/SYW Allied forces in place.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Wow!! Your a lucky man... I envy you the size of that loft space, I have a damn great chimney breast through the middle of mine which somewhat limits the table size!

    I see a fair amount of daylight coming between the roof timbers though - will there be damp problems????

  2. Congratulations Nigel,
    Bravo and applause,
    Bill P.

  3. Wow! Very, if I just can throw out the couch and ottoman...and the desk...and the bookshelves...I could have...umm...a table HALF this size!



  4. I was wondering why you hadn't posted in so long. And, yes, you did have a very good excuse. Enjoy the table.

  5. That is a spectacular space and table.

    You do realize, don't you, that your 1500+ square foot attic is larger than a very great many7houses.

    Your scenery looks grand as well.

    -- Jeff

  6. Very nice indeed! :-) Look forward to seeing the SYW armies displayed on the table.



  7. That's about the size of a airport runway here in Japan!

    Well done, Nigel- it looks really great. I also look forward to seeing the new table straining from the weight of the Pragmatic Army!

  8. Hello Nigel,

    Wow! What a apace and table! Here's to many games!

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  9. Fabulous table and gaming area, with plenty of room to expand. I'm sure you'll get many hours of enjoyment from you new 'space'.

    -- Allan